Welcome to my blog

Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander

Welcome to my site. My name is Alison Alexander and I’m a writer, wife, mum, very amateur astronomer and print lover.

Having spent my working life in women’s magazines I find myself with time to spare and a need to keep putting words down. So I’m doing what I hope I do best: writing, keeping busy, having opinions, testing stuff, travelling, ruminating and trying to get through each day without bursting into tears. It’s hard this getting older lark: there are times, mainly thanks to the hormonal rollercoaster of the menopause and being made redundant twice,  when I feel lost, unwanted, past my best and, particularly now, more of a housekeeper cum maid than I’d like. There is only so much cleaning, tidying and washing my under-utilised brain can process. And I don’t do dusting or damp towels.

Introducing our cocker spaniel Riley

Introducing our cocker spaniel Riley

So now, slightly reluctantly (once a journalist, always a journalist) I’m a 50-something blogger, with a husband, two girls (20 and 24) and a darling dog who is my faithful, pond-loving and (therefore) faintly-smelly companion. I have bad knees, carry too much weight and increasingly feel I am turning into my mother. Hey ho.

PS: in case that all sounded rather downbeat, I should reassure you that I also have a fantastic circle of friends, belong to a lively book group, regularly go to the cinema, take in London shows, drink and dance the night away (knees not withstanding!). Life isn’t bad, it’s just frustrating and irritating at times. Yes?

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